District 10 Champs?


Aquilla has a phenominal first 6 or 7. It seems, from what I has seen first hand, to drop off after that. If those first 6 or 7 are healthy and rolling during district play I would think Aquilla has the edge. If they are not healthy then Blum and Abbott take the top to spots and Aquila is left wondering what could have been.

If a young Abbott squad, lead by Paxton Miller, can keep on a roll like they have been then they look tough. They did a lot of growing up last week in a tough fought game.

Gholson and Covington look great right now, but I'm not sure what's going to happen when they start playing teams of substance.

Two things I can tell you with 100% certainty.
1) By Nov 10th we will have a clear picture of how this district will shake out
2) Someone will be super offended and disagree with what I have typed up above.


hillcountybounty":24coi5ke said:
Abbott gets 1st place, Gholson gets last place.

Abbott doesnt get 1st this year no disrespect to Abbott..Aquilla is to loaded as far as the 6 or 7 i agree but there are some younger players getting some great playing time and really stepping up against some very good teams heck it was 29-20 with 4 mins to go in the 4th quarter last week against a very good Union Hill team but like big czech said it will all start to clear up very soon


I say district finishes like this if everyone on all teams stay health

Aquilla 4-0
Blum 3-1
Abbott 2-2 could be 3-1 with a possible upset over Blum
Gholson 1-3 could be 2-2 if they pull and upset off over Abbott
Covington 0-4 no disrespect just in a tough district

But thats just opinion and time will tell


Um ok who do you think can knock them off in district

Have you even seen them play theyve only played one game with their starters and one was out quarter and a half in that game against RS


Guess one of us will be eating crow in a couple weeks and if im wrong ill be man enough to get on here and admit it first hand

Aquilla is the same team they where last year only with a lil more size speed and strength

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Oilman33 if Aquilla goes 4-0 in district I will post on here your a expert and I'm an idiot. That's a promise. I honestly just don't see it happening.


Hill County":35209qw4 said:
Oilman what happened to aquilla tonight? Didn't Blum beat the crap out of jonesboro. And you still think aquilla goes 4-0 in district.

3 starters not on field tonight, 3 freshman playing in there spots but as i said in an earlier post thats only if they all stay heathy ive never seen so much strep throat and stomach flu or pulled muscles in my life

Heck even 2 of those freshman left game early one at end of 3rd quarter and other mid 4th then you get a soph carrying the ball that has never been a rb in his life and a line trying to be his lead blocker it kinda messes things up a lil


But to be fair and honest if evryone is not heathy and on the field it will be tough sleding next week against a good Blum team