Best D1 Championship in Years aBrewin'?

I love the idea of having the division state titles next week a neutral site(s) and then have the two winners play for the 6man title in between the 2 6A games at AT&T the next week. But dont think it would happen for a few other classification does it and folks in six-man have fought really hard (and still are) to be accepted and treated like all other classifications and that would be in total contrast to that
If the schools involved were within 10 - 12 students of each other in enrollment, that might work. But when one school has close to 100 students (around 50 boys), and the other school has close to 40 students ( around 20 boys), that wouldn’t work very often.
Is there anything that says the schools couldn’t agree to it at some other neutral location? Not saying it would ever happen, just curious if there is a long uil rule against doing so?
They did that in 1a basketball for a few years (not exactly like it, but had Div 1 play Div 2 for I think they called it Lone Star Cup), but did away with it because nobody wanted to be crowned state champion but then potentially end their season with a loss. It’d be great for the fans though!