Benjamin Hoops


Six-man pro
Well now that football time is over with I’ve been able to get around watch some round ball! I went and watched Benjamin play some make-a-wish boys the other night, and I gotta say I was impressed!

This Grayson Rigdon is quite the baller. Maybe he should give up on the sissy football stuff and focus on hoops! He was scoring left and right out there! Unfortunately that’s about where I drew the line!

While he can shoot the rock and make the layups, he needs to learn how to play good fundamental defense! I’m not sure who his basketball coach is, but maybe he needs to use the school credit card and pay for some defensive lessons! I’ll come through and help out just give me the word!

I was impressed by what little Rig was able to do but the real stars of the show are the Heys boys! These boys can shoot it AND lock you down on defense! They don’t need to score 50 because they’re gonna hold you to 48 by themselves!

I’ve enjoyed the basketball season so far, but haven’t had any coaches reach out yet! I tried telling you guys I’m also a basketball guru! Try me!

Good luck!
Weirdly obsessed with Chaka, u never were as good nor was anyone in ur family, coward hiding behind a screen to talk about a high school kid, I’ve told u and the ppl like u before but y’all all wanna hide behind ur computer rather than say anything face to face. My dms are open
Whoa whoa whoa benjaminfan4lyfe!

I said he’s a baller and told sixmanlube he could play at the 6A level!

I’m just a sixman/basketball analyst/advisor/guru and I wanted to help out where I could! I would never talk bad about kids on this site! Those people are sick!

Love you!