Where do we go from here?


Six-man pro
Well unfortunately Coach Burkhart and I just couldn’t get it done. We already had to call Balfour and cancel our state championship ring order! Those Ooglsly cats sure can play. They’ll beat up on Benjamin faster than Coach Heys can say Water Valley!

I haven’t had any coaches reach out this week unfortunately. I’m sure next week will pick up some steam! I know Westbrook still needs some help with that defense over there! Coach Reid already has his good gameplan in place, RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT! Word on the street is he’s been hiding out behind Westbrook’s practices with a camera! We see you coach!

I heard that when Coach Reid hires a new coach he brings a stopwatch to the interview, and has the coach’s kid run 40s so he can write down their time! Sickening! I know there’s no chance Westbrook hired these coaches based on their kid’s talent! They do things the right way! You people gotta understand it’s all a big coincidence! Some people find a lucky penny, some people find 4 coach’s that have a stud kid! It’s all the same!

I’m nervous for the big games! I know that whoever asks for my help will be depending on me big time! Can’t wait to see all my friends at the state games! Sometimes when I fall asleep at night I can hear all my fans chanting, “WESP WESP WESP”!

555-WESP @CoachMatlock
I took a nap this afternoon. Had a dream. GR had torn up, destroyed a tackling dummy at Benjamin. They probably need a replacement wesp.