6 man History

1972 Walnut Springs Hornets. From the 9/21/1972 Glen Rose Reporter.


There were originally 12 boys out for football, but two were killed and one seriously injured in a car wreck just before school started.
I have a question or two about Norton. Had a little time yesterday and drove the three miles off of the main highway to have a look at what is left on the old school. The gym walls are still standing although the roof is gone. Southwest of the gym is what looks like part of the school building, intact but empty. Just south of the gym is a building that looks like it could have been an older portable building. It looks like it has seen a more recent use than the other buildings. Just south of this building is a playground area that includes a swing, see-saw, and half inch pipe monkey bars. The only area that I thought was big enough to be a football field was next to the paved road 3 or 4 blocks from the school. Its most recent use was a baseball field. There is one set of metal framed dugouts on its north side. The light poles still standing is more in the shape of an ovaled outfield rather than a rectangle. When did Norton consolidate and did they maintain a grade school for a few years?
It did cross my mind that the portable looking building could be either a residence or some type of child care. Someone is taking care of the playground equipment, what there is of it.
1955 GC Bearkat starting Center. Dale was a good friend of my Dad and the father/grandfather of several good Bearkat football players in the 1970's and 2000's.


From the September 4, 1955 Big Spring Herald
Ronnie Lee was a very good player. I think he played in all-star game. He became a vet after school and enjoyed a successful practice with his wife, who was also a vet.
Clay Cade was coach at Marathon on two occasions. Tommy Smith and Eugenio Aguliar were killed in a car wreck. Carl Potter was rougher than a cobb. Rick Thompson was sheriff when arrested and imprisoned and is still in prison. Before my time but part of history of that part of the world.
On October 12, 1956, Life Magazine sent a reporter and photographer to the Paint Creek-Benjamin game as part of an article on Texas 6 man football.

Leman, did you know about this one? I don't know yet what issue it was in.
Yes, the images were available to view online at one point on Life's website. Seemed to me to be more JR High pics than HS pics if I remember. I will see if I can find them again.

I do not know if they made it into an issue