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    Crowell vs Throck

    We lost Casey Mitchell on the first kickoff of the game. He is a very important part of our team on both sides of the ball. But the other boys stepped up and took care of business !!
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    State Webstream

    Thank you Granger for everything you do for all of us that love this great game of sixman that most of us are so passionate about !! Your dedication to this website is much appreciated !! Long live the Guru !!
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    State game.

    If....if my uncle had breasts he would be my aunt
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    Throckmorton vs Calvert

    It would be difficult to play a day game in granbury. The setting sun would be in one teams eyes the later it got.other than that the stadium was first class. The staff from granbury super nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend playin playoff games there. Plus Granbury is purple and...
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    Amen !!
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    Throckmorton vs Calvert

    This game took several years off of my life but was well worth it in the end !! Im proud of our Hounds!! Calvert is a tough squad of boys that never laid down!! Congrats on a great season Calvert. Its a shame that someone had to lose such a great game !!
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    Throckmorton vs Calvert

    Hell of a game !!!
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    Throckmorton vs Calvert

    I predict the team wearing purple wins this one !!
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    #1Crowell vs #2Ira

    Would like to congratulate the Crowell Wildcats on their dominating win over the Ira Bulldogs !! Also like to congratulate Coach Reese Walker, a former teammate and friend, on a great win !! Good luck on the rest of the journey to another state championship !! Hope to see you there friend !!!
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    Quarterfinal Matchups

    It is hard to beat a good team twice in the same year especially when you beat that team early in the season. Don't remember the year (got the sometimes disease) but Throckmorton beat Garden City at Hick to start the season then met them again in the semis or quarters and the outcome was not the...
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    Dee Two

    Congrats to coach Bigham of MC.
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    16 Years in a Row

    Great program up there in Valley.
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    playoff brackets

    Thank you fine Sir !!
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    playoff brackets

    Im looking for a site for playoff brackets for D1 and D2. Could someone help me out ?