Where is the best Mexican food


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It is up and running but I prefer Emilio's on Austin Ave. for Brownwood.


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I know it's not all mexican food, but if you haven't tried Big O's in Valera, on the way to Panther Creek you've really missed a treat !

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How about small town family owned Mexican food though? The kind of places you eat at on the way to six man games.

The primary ones that come to mind for me are:

Pedroza's - Lamesa

Carlos - Big Spring

I think these places are the real gems of the state, but not always easy to find unless you know where you are going.

Carlos's is really good. The Spanish Inn there is not too bad for those with an elderly palate, like my parents or the Drifter.......... :p

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If you are in Lubbock: Ken Carter owned El Chico is Lubbock is by far the best El Chico anywhere. Just down the new Marsha Sharp Freeway is Durangos, Home of the best Chille Relleno in the world.

In Levelland/Brownfield: Savannah's is really really good, simple enchiladas and tacos are my delight. The greatest breakfast burrito in the world is at Roberto's.

In Alpine: La Casitas just South of Sull Ross is really good. Green Chicken Enchiladas is highly reccommended.

In Ft. Worth: I love Joe T's

In Ruidoso NM: Lucy's in uptown Ruidoso has the best white queso.

In Arlington: I agree with the Mercado Juarez. The Tortillas are delightfull and their Carnitas is tasty.

In Austin/other metro areas: Chuy's is a little commercial, but the Elvis's Green Chille Fried Chicken is worth losing your life over.

In Temple: Taquiera Mexicano Grille has really good fajitas

In San Angelo: Used to be Mejor Que Nada...Now it is Henry's or Enriques at the Paseo. If you want a burrito you go to Diego's Burritos in San Angelo.

In Post: The resturaunt is Chapa's Family Resturaunt

In Snyder: Spanish Inn

In Big Spring: Carlos

Cross the border in Del Rio and go to Ma Crosby's.

I"m sure I left a few out that I have eaten at in my travels. I love good mexican food and this thread hit me in the heart.

As for the fast food/mexican debate. Rosa's is clearly the best with Taco Villa coming in a close but descisive 2nd. Taco Cabana is the only other acceptable mexican food in that category to me.

Never be afraid of eating in a place that does not look up to par. I have had some of the best food in places on the side of a deserted high way.


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I ate at this little place in Port Isabel that had huge breakfast burritos. The tortillas were seriously the size of a large pizza. Very good hot sauce too.
There's a nice little place in Meridian called Zapata's. Oh My Goodness the Large Tortillas are like 12" in diameter. Their Hot sauce is good. I learned how make hot sauce there, and it is an interesting recipe. Used to work there. The owners are Mexican, the man a Immigrant and the woman a second Generation American.

If you are in Arlington, try Fuzzy's. I found this little place after leaving the AAC after the Rock and Worship Roadshow with MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Tenth Avenue North, Hawk Nelson, Ect... The hot sauce is awesome... Had to buy two to go things.


For lunch in Del Rio, Texas it is Bennys' Cafe in downtown on main street. In Acuna , Mexico for a fabalous evening of fanastic food, cold beer, perfect drinks and very good prices, it is Johnnys' Steakhouse Resturant on diez sies de septembre st. Acuna is still very safe to go to we do it every friday evening. Do not forget your U.S. passport to get back into the USofA!!!!!!
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No way in hell can someone comsider taco bell, bueno, villa or any other fast food joints for good mexican food. That is a disgrace to even put those names in this topic. If any body makes it out towards El Paso Amigo's in Central is awesome, H&H carwash-yes a car wash- and it has won many awards for authentic and very good mexican food-owned by the Haddads and it is amazing. Also for a quicker stop try El Taco Tote which is also very good.

Living in Lubbock now and coming from El Paso-only comparable place is Jalisco's on Q. It has some really good food and great prices.

Still can't believe that Taco bell and all those other crap food places made this list. I thought we were majority Texans on here and knew the difference between good and poor mexican food-as well as real mexican food.


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Switchback-in Libbock we have a Fuzzy's and there Taco's are awesome! As well as(can't believe I forgot these) but Chico's Taco's in El PAso is also a great little taco restaurant. Bout 5 locations spread throughout El Paso.

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Most Tex Mex outside of Texas, NM, AR, and California is a pale imitation of the original. There is one place up here in Illinoisy that is acceptable, but I have to hit Carlos's in Big Spring whenever I get back home for a visit.


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Out in Helotes. Place called El Chapparal. If your in the Metroplex and want simple and good, steak and enchiladas at El Fenix.

The best, though. Crosby's in Acuna.


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The tacos at Fuel City in Dallas are good...also, breakfast at Taqueria Arandas is good and cheap...$3.49 before 11 a.m. all in Dallas..