Coach Gallegos is definitely most underrated point being he is just now being mentioned.this year his Eagles won their 13th straight District title and has back to back State Championship runner-ups
I would have to agree, I don't really think coach Gallegos gets much recognition or credit but he's only been at Jonesboro as the head coach for 14 years and the only time he hasn't won district and made a great playoff run was his very first year as head coach.
Gordon beats Strawn by 50. No new faces in Strawn either. The only real kid left after may got blocked by Gordon. Strawn had a good team till they let the team fall apart in front of them.
The 2022 Greyhounds were never a good team. 10 seniors graduated along with the D2 POY transferring to Benjamin left one player with real experience on the varsity level. Then the entire senior class spends most of this season injured along with a few of the underclassmen and it's hard to be consistent. They will be much improved in '23 with all the experience the freshman got this year. If you were giving the coach the back of your hand (it appeared that way) he has 5 rings, how many you got.