This week's Gordon vs Strawn meeting had me pondering some of my favorite memories from this rivalry.
In that list is Gordon alum Clyde Parham coaching Strawn in the first few years of his coaching career. Strawn is at Gordon and is driving the ball. An official makes a horrible call. Clyde pleads his case, chews on the crew, and is so not happy, he flings his clipboard back up field. The thing flies 50 yards in the air and lands back up near midfield, out in the field of play. Staff is trying to get him back on the sidelines. Ball boy hustling after the clipboard. Good times!
Shortly afterwards Coach Parham moves to the Caprock, finishing up a 33 year coaching career at Silverton. I can say I knew him "back in the day". He was an 8th grader my senior year and I spent a lot of time helping with Jr High practices before school. The kid was a stud on the field and a fine young gentleman at all times.
Your little jr high team won’t do a thing in high school. Reed has proven it. Look at the waisted talent already. Strawn will 45 Gordon mid 3rd quarter this year.
I think that "little jr high team" just went 10-0 and starts a playoff run next week. Have fun in the gym Monday morning playing round ball. Better luck next year. GO HORNS!!!
Let’s discuss something other than Rigdon, Gordon bathroom cameras RS recruiting.

Who is the most underrated coach in the sixman word?

We always discuss the big names, good and bad. Let’s change the mood for a minute…or try to anyway.
Gordon bathroom cameras? That’s news to me! Where the hell have I been??
Per current rankings best was #70 DII Throckmorton and #63 D1 Gorman, all others in the 100's but Ranger in the 200's. Maybe overrated?
Time will tell if they are overrated or not. I think they go 3 deep in the playoffs. One thing for sure, they will not be in round ball practice on Monday. GO HORNS!!!
If we're talking about coaches who are often left off the list somehow, Eddie Gallegos (Jonesboro) and Terry Crawford (Abbott) should be some of the first names mentioned. Up and comers, who have already made a name for themselves, Jeb Dixon (Oglesby) and Josh Bragdon (Union Hill) have both built a reputation for putting quality programs together.
He whines a lot but only to certain offenders but I will say Bigham would have to be included. Absolutely Steele would have to be at the top tier, I would put hays up as a lock he’s won several ships. If rigdon is on there not to beat a dead horse but I wouldnt put him on there he’s been kicked off the last several coaching jobs am I wrong.? and Cervantes are on there you would be a fool not to include Shawn Rodgers on this list. Let’s not forget Gallegos.?.? I think thats right from Jonesboro super solid. Abbott coach.?. Name slips my mind.
Yes Gallegos Jonesboro 13th straight District Championships
Neither ever broke a leg. Must be thinking of someone else.
Your right. It was Josh Fambro in the 1999 game. Josh Ratliff broke his ankle on the second play of the game. Fambro broke his leg in the 3rd quarter. We were sitting low in the stands, 3rd or 4th row up. It happened right in front of us on the Strawn side of the field.