UIL Six Man Divisional Cutoff and teams


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I had heard somewhere that UIL would be posting the teams and Divisional Cutoffs for 2012-14 sometime in December (not the districts, though). Did anybody else hear that or am I delusional?
High Plains Drifter":3aialwhr said:
They never have, but might have changed.

UIL has shown in their history to keep all this close and tight and NOBODY knows (or tells) until the first Monday in February.

In fact, the UIL is the ONLY government agency that does not "LEAK." The CIA, FBI and Defense Department should hire UIL to handle sensitive secret information.
I was told something similar. Basically, I heard that the UIL would publish the 10/13 enrollment numbers of the member schools prior to the release of the reclassification and realignment info on Feb 2.

So, for six-man, an observer could find the mid-point enrollment for schools under 100 electing six-man and then be fairly accurate at drawing the line between division 1 and 2. (Similar to the "Official Numbers for Realignment" thread on this board - see below).


However, I can't find anything on the UIL website that supports this rumor.