Thanksgiving Truths in D1

I know injuries happen and that’s part of the game but if you take away any top teams leading rusher/team leading tackler that team will look a little different and that’s what Abbott is dealing with in losing #8 Riley Sustala to a broken collarbone first round of playoffs. Abbott has made it to the semi final round the last two years now. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Despite not playing all the top ranked teams in non-district play we can’t help who is in our region. Last year and this year we have a game to play to get us in the last game of the year and that’s all a program can ask for. Now everyone can jump in and say I am crying about injuries, go ahead.
Same thing happened last year with #6 Kane Klaus from Abbott the week before the May game. Stud on both sides of the ball and probably a top ten player in the state. It’s hard for any six man team to go deep when you start losing starters due to depth. But injuries is part of the game. Not gonna bash any teams on here or kids because we’re grown and it’s a sad world we live in when I get on this post and that’s all I’ve seen. Let the kids play and whoever wins they deserve at this time of the year. Best of luck to the last 4 teams. Stay Humble.
Were you able to see the Abbott/ Gordon game?
Abbott got the W, but could not run away from a group of Freshman that came to play football.
A fluke pass ((wet ball) I know part of the game) stopped Gordon's drive to tie the game.
I listened to the game. I was beyond impressed with Gordon. Those boys are gonna be salty for a few years. I see them making deep runs in the East the next few years
Where are all the Abbott haters now? I can’t hear y’all anymore ? Lol !
No one hates Abbott. We just ain't friends with them. And I'm guessing you really aren't either since you just joined the site a few hours ago or started a new account under a new name. Easy to be a keyboard cowboy that way.
I thought it was a great game and yes we know we know, it would have been different if the stud for Abbott played and it would have been different if IC's stud had got to play the whole game. No question about it, Abbott punched their ticket to State and we will see them in 11 days.