Thanksgiving Truths in D1

Wish I could be at that game, I feel like the Wildcats gonna get the W tomorrow but to answer your question, bring em on! Happy isn’t the same team that Westbrook took on in Jayton! To be the best you gotta beat the best and our boys know it they’re up to the challenge if that’s the way the cookie crumbles then bring em on!
With all do respect neither team better be the same team as they were week one. Happy is very talented though no doubt, but we have something else to focus on before that game comes our way.
Back in 1972 when 6man got to play for State Championship, we played 10 district games and only 1 place got to advance to the playoffs.
Different times. By time 80’s came along we had two teams from district go to the playoffs but still had the bigger districts. I think it’s just population and of course money that makes it what is today