Saint Jo vs Groom


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As always I’m looking to get some prognostications on this game. It’s a Saturday afternoon game that will be broadcasted at, so there should be plenty of viewers.

How do y’all think this one will go?

We put them on the schedule because we knew they would be a good test. I think it will be a close game but the Panthers will come out on top.
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Tbh Groom is not as good as they were last year. Maybe injuries, I’m not sure.

I would say Saint Jo by 30 but could possibly be a 45’er
I hope I didn’t come off as saying they were a bad team or anything like that. I think Gunner Lamb was just such a big threat, it’s hard to replace someone as good as he was.
Saint Jo got the win 60-48. It was a hard fought game by both teams. Hats off to Groom, they tackled really well and held Logan in check. Our passing game allowed us to get over the hump and come away with the victory. The game came down to a couple of 4th down stops and a turnover. Groom will do very well in the D2 playoffs. Thanks to all who replied to this thread.
I’ll admit I was wrong! Was Dodson coaching? That makes a huge difference (no disrespect to the other coaches and players). Sounds like it was a fun game