Rochelle C-stand ranked #1


Six-man fan
Wow! the WPA built a football field using local stone and the natural contours of the land in Rochelle. Beautiful mature live oak trees shade the west side of the field and with the light breeze blowing, it was a great place to watch a couple of 6-man games.

Sitting in the shade I enjoyed the first Frito pie of the season. One of the benefits of being first is you get to be ranked number 1. One of the drawbacks is that the C-Stand is just gearing up and likely have a few kinks to work through.

I was intrigued by the sign taped to the ice machine in the C-stand, "remember, this ice machine was bought but the PTC". Guess they have a habit of opening up the stand and wondering, "where the heck did that ice machine come from?"

As near as I could tell, the C-stand is operated for the benefit of senior scholarships, not a bad purpose. I like stands that give back to the sport or the students in a beneficial way. Always support the effort, buy a drink, get a snack, eat a pie. You are supporting the program.

Anyway, on to the adventure . . .

Nice venue for a Frito pie, in some of the bigger D-1 schools you got to make your way down the stands and over to the C-stand, stand in a long line, get your grub and trek back to the seats before you can enjoy the repast.

Rochelle had a few picnic tables set up and available for use and the rest of the seats were close by. The pie was served up in a standard sized boat, not a large, not a small, just the regular standard boat. The Fritos include scoops as well as standard Fritos, necessitating the use of the fork to break those scoops up. (-1).

Chili was good, hot, but not a chunky as I like, but I am pretty sure it wasn't hot dog sauce.

Cheese: PBCS, or for the uninitiated, petroleum base cheese sauce, great on nachos if you like that sort of thing, and in the event of a national emergency or nationwide shortage of cheese, semi acceptable.
sorry Charlie, (-5)

Peppers, they had them and they put them on, not terrible spicy, but tasty.

Onions, it was a sad day in the eden that is Rochelle's sport arena, I had to suffer the lack of the onion, I missed that sweet crisp crunch, that burst of flavor, (-5)

Hey, the C-stand was manned by women, so I guess the technical term would have been the C-stand was womaned by a group of very nice ladies. We discussed the stand, the offerings, the intended use of the profits. Had a nice visit and throughly enjoyed the visit. For the first run of the season they did a great job. Over all the Frito pie as pretty good with a respectable score of 89.

How long do they get to be number 1? Well that depends, since I am out of state next week I won't likely find a 6 man game but I will be looking around Raton NM for one. So maybe Rochelle gets to be ranked 1st for a couple of weeks.

Good eating and good sports and don't forget to support the local C-stands and any raffle/bake sales they have going.