Buckholt Badgers


Six-man fan
It was a light mist and a new venue for me. I made the trip, avoiding the speed trap at Rogers by coming in from the land of Yo, ie:Cameron. It was a good thing that I was slowed down looking for the field, seems that Buckholts has their own version of the Rogers speed trap.

Buckholts started out as a railroad town, established in 1881 and named for the rancher that donated the land to establish the town. Almost 400 souls call it home now, and it is the home of the Buckholt Badgers.

WOW! entry to the game for seniors is free! But I ponied up because I want to support the athletic endeavor, and these small schools need all the help they can get. Plus I needed change for the c-stand.

Another field set up East to West, At least the sun is not in your eyes during the first quarter.
C-stand here is being operated for the benefit of the senior class. It helps fund the class trip and I suppose it can also fund anything else the senior class thinks is important. Mostly maned by moms with a few student age assistants. Standard fare for the most part, Hot dogs and burgers, nachos, chips, candy, drinks and Frito pie.

The price on the Frito pie was 2.50, seems like a bargain. ORDER UP! Frito pie, found out the local version is Fritos, nacho lave sauce, and chili. On the interrogatory as to chopped onions, not available, but there were the round sliced kind used for the burgers so I could have those on the pie if I wanted, I did, better than nothing. Jalapeño slices were in a condiment bowl, also for the burgers and available if I wanted, I did.

Plus side , regular sized boat, but filled to the max, volume wise, a good buy. Taste was pretty good, chili seemed to be Wolf brand, and hot. No plastic knife to cut the onions, but a heavy duty plastic fork was up to the task. Minus side, 2 napkins, not truly enough for a messy Frito pie.

On to the stands, half of a napkin to dry off the seat of standing water and then I was enjoying the pie while watching a great 1st quarter. The rains came and I got wet, the rain let up and I stayed. Frito pie is like that.

So where do they stand? the Badger C-stand serves up an acceptable Frito pie, nothing special, good size and great price. The tally?, -2 for making me work to get the onions sliced up, -5 for nacho cheese lava, -1 for the small napkin count but that is offset by a +1 for the serving size. Final score 93, enough to slide in to second place.

Support the c-stands, all of them, and enjoy the next Frito Pie. Drive safe and cheer on all the players.

On a side note, I won the local cake raffle , donated back to the c-stand and told them to sell slices and make a fortune, life is good.