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Quick note about the pick 'em. It has been updated for this week, and everyone is good to start submitting their picks. No problems there.

However, when I processed The Toy's picks, silly me, I did it before I processed the rankings. So, those picks were processed using last week's ratings, which means they're all wrong. So, for now, the pick distribution page link has been hidden until I can get all The Toy's picks removed and re-processed. I'll have that done at some point this afternoon. Other than that, things are good to go!

Good luck y'all!


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2021 Pickem.JPG2022 pickem quarterfinals - 6 games left.JPG

2021 Winner, SimplyPut, has a stronghold on the points differential record at 725. However, his 53-9 record could be in jeopardy with 6 games to go. I was on the bronze podium last year, hoping to make a run at the podium again.


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    2021 Pickem.JPG
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  • 2022 pickem quarterfinals - 6 games left.JPG
    2022 pickem quarterfinals - 6 games left.JPG
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Well, at least it looks like the toy should be able to beat its record from last year...just barely...if it doesn't get shut out the rest of this season.