Oil cleanup

It'll never work. Just too simple. How can all the executives & engineers (no offense OBK) justify their salaries if this would work so easily. Kinda like the Kevin Costner turbines that should have been in place a month ago. This could put some of the shrimpers & fishermen to work helping with the clean up.
Cleaning up the oil spill video sounds just like God. I hope and pray this will given a chance and that God provides the farmers the ability to contribute to the cleanup. We know all farmers have it tough trying to feed their own animals but if God is in this, he will provide even for the spill and plenty for the farmers animals. I at least hope that this will be given a chance.
By the way Mark I put this on facebook so more people can see how this could work. Nothing is impossible with God and usually it's the simple things to take care of any problem. Thanks for posting this video.