new to 6 man football brand new coach


Are there any trainings to 6 man football? Like how to coach 6man man classes? rules, plays, how to run practices ect....


Thank you for reaching out. As of right now, I am not the head coach of anything. I am a coach at my school. Our head coach was let go and I would like to take over the Jr high football team. I will keep you in mind if I do take over.


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Hi All - I'm an AD at a newer school in New Mexico, Hozho Academy. We will be playing 6-man for the next two seasons, at least. We've hired a coach to build a program but his only experience is 11-man, but he's eager to learn the 6-man game.

I'm hoping there might be some programs/coaches who might be willing to spend some time essentially putting on a "private clinic" for our coaching staff this summer, we'd be willing to pay a reasonable amount for the time. As we would be coming from NM, we'd love to get connected with some coaches more in the Western/NW region of Texas, if possible. What I'm hoping for is to send our coaches for 2-3 days to tour around at a few different schools to visit with different coaches who would be willing to share some experience and insights.

Does anyone here have any recommendations?

Very grateful for your response.

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