most likely week 0 upsets


Six-man fan
who out there is most likely to be upset this weekend? or not cover their spread? i will be first. Town East! I am not sure about this squad at this time, we are very green at this point.
Well, Robert ... we have one pretty good one already.

Amarillo Heritage 68, Lorezno (#14 UIL) 20. Lorenzo was a 45 point favorite, so it's a 93 point swing.
Well like I was saying, I did not believe we could come close to 45ing Annapolis, the final score was 26-19, I had some film on them and was very impressed with their squad on film. They were even better in person. I feel fortunate to win this game. We had to dig down real deep to pull this one out. Both teams played with their whole heart and left nothing on the field. Town East is young but they do have some talent. It is just going to take a while for them to learn everything.