Help Please! New to six man!


11-man fan
Warning LONG POST>

I wrote a post earlier different topic. Due to low interest numbers in my middle school I need to convert to 6 man. I am a middle school coach.
I received two helpful responses. Looking for more input.

My name is Rich Porth - email is [email protected]
832-633-0100 cell

WHERE would YOU GO to learn about this 6 man game? What web site or book will get me there efficiently?

I recently found a little bit on Youtube links. Please share where(link) so I can start. My season begins 8/1 with games at the end of August. I’ve been watching the Texas six man championship games. Wow the action! Dynamic.

I need a 6man playbook to start. Anyone use FIRSTDOWNPLAYBOOK? I has plays you can download and also input so I will invest if its a good product.

How is the heck do you defend that Read option shuttle Pass play? Saw it on the firstdownplaybook.
Where is a six man defensive book?

Anyone have an old playbook in PPT DOC PDF or whatever format to share. Send to [email protected]. Please!

Going to start watching film that is shared on youtube.

Anyone Been there - Done that gone from 11M to 6m? Advice appreciated. Email me.

My 11 man offense is/was the Pistol Spread with the option to No Huddle - with Arm signals and Arm Bands
We would run Inside Zone and run bubble screens and tunnel screen or PAP off of that. We could adjust formations and motion with words for an advantage.
At times we could GO FAST or run Check with me plays to get the best play since we were usually less gifted and younger.

Do you lose that ability in 6 Man? Is everyone going fast? The game seems very fast already and very dynamic so going much faster isn’t going to get you much - I think?

Never Punt in six man - its a shoot out. Its Score every time or lose?

Shotgun snap/Dead ball snap? Whats a good depth for middle school. I found 5 yards in 11 man works. Really can’t get much more than that at this middle school age. Can you?

Special Teams. Punts - in 11 man I like to Rugby punt it down the sidelines out of bounds or run it for a first off that formation. But field is compressed so more likely to go out of bounds. SIX man punts??? Yes/No?

Special Teams Kicks - Onside every time?

ANY OLD 6 Man Clinics on internet?

Any emails or positive responses appreciated. I have two months to study and get a plan ready.

If you read this far thank you
Coach Rich Porth
[email protected]