11m to Six Man


Good afternoon all
I am a Middle School 11 Man coach in Houston TX. Due to low interest in 11 man football along with Soccer being played simultaneously in the fall MS league, I am forecasting low 11 man numbers to the point I may need to convert to 6 man.

I enjoyed watching the six man game in middle school, its pretty exciting.

I am looking for quality information. For 11 man I had no problem finding great information at Coaches Choice and Championship Productions video. I am not seeing any offensive or defensive information and schemes at those sites. Did I miss something? I found a little bit on youtube on J-Bird.

Where are good locations to get good quality information on 6 man football? What is worth purchasing?

I browsed the blog here a little bit. Is there some great posts I should search for?

Thanks for you help.
Rich Porth


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Apparently it is now out of print and only used copies can be found. I paid $55 for a new one in 2013. Hopefully, someone has the rights to it and get it published again.