Good Job Boys!


11-man fan
CTK has another W! The third quarter was the crowning moment with a monumental defensive movement and an offense that was unphased by WCS. These two teams will meet again in 3 weeks but this time in Wichita Falls, TX.
CTK 60, Wichita Christian 47

No argument about the end result here Samauri! Congratulations to your team for a hard fought win. This game proves that in 6 man football, one flat quarter will sink your ship, and you are correct that the third was our Achilles heal tonight. I do not think it was a case of dominance however. The difference in this game was poor special teams on our part, in fact I will say HORRIBLE special teams on our part, and excellent special teams on your part. You guys shut down our 4.5 guy and you even kicked to him! Your # 14 did a great job containing him on offence. The fact is that we gave up 22 points on kickoff returns. That means our offence outscores your offence 47 - 38. That’s close! In every category we out distance you guys...first downs, total offense, passing...but the one that matters...the scoreboard, you guys won it and deservingly so. We did not tackle well as a team, we did not block well as a team. Football is about tackling and blocking. So it comes down to this now...we spot you guys 13 points and have to beat you to win district...all you guys have to do is beat us. Good luck until we meet again.

Wichita Christian Lubbock CTK
18 First Downs 14
28-201 Yards Rushing 38-317
233 Yards Passing 00
20-33-3 Comp/Att/Int 00-3-1
1-27 Punts-Average 2-32.5
0-0 Fumbles Lost 2-1
7-60 Yards Penalized 1-10
Wichita Christian 6 8 0 33 - 47
Lubbock CTK 8 6 24 22 - 60