Games oif the Week- TAPPS Division II


11-man fan
To me, there are 3 games that I'd like to be at this weekend:

1. Boerne Geneva v. Freddy- Freddy favored by 27...I think it'll be closer than that, but Freddy comes out on top in a close, low scoring game.

2. Seguin Lifegate v. SA Town East- Seguin favored by 45...Town East has been playing well, I think they beat the spread, and win the game in a close, high scoring game. Lifegate's not the same team as last year...still good, but I think Town East is better.

3. Arlington High Point V. Heath Fulton- High Point favored by 45...High Point has a great defense, Fulton has a great offense. This one's a pick em' to me. I think Fulton more than covers the spread. Ought to be a good one!

What does everyone think?
Yes the Pine Drive @ Live Oak game should be a good one.

Question, maybe someone can answer for me:
I may be wrong, But isn't Live Oak coached by J. Barker from whitharral that played along side B. Hoskins.
I ask this because when I was at Lubbock CTK, we played whitharral that had a player named Jordan Barker. (early 2000's)

Oh well, onto the game:

My pick: (and I've never went against Coach Ware two times in one season). But I will have to this season.

Waco Live Oak - 49
Pine Drive - 33
Yes this is the same Jordan Barker that played under Coach Hoskins at Whitharral when I coached you...

we will have our hands full with LOC
We (Pine Drive) were able to pull to within 28-24 in the 3rd before Live Oak kicked it into another gear....

This is by far the best team I've see within the private school sector, somewhat reminded me of 2010 Brenham but with a much better passing game.
Very well coached, disciplined on Defense and SEVERAL weapons on offense.

Pine Drive missing 3 key players would not of changed the outcome, Live Oak is GOOD...
I will be very surprised if they (W-LOC) does not with the T-CAL Div. I State Title..
High Point 60

Heath Fulton 41

Great game! Fulton led 25-24 at half and was controlling the momentum till they threw an untimely pick deep in their own territory. High Point is a tough team, but Fulton really showed a lot of guts, fighting through injuries (best RB #11 went down, and didn't return, 4th or 5th play of the game...#10 their DE went down too). High Point has a really strong defense. Teams were really evenly matched.