week 1 upsets

Blue Bird

Six-man pro
My first upset pick will probably rain fire on my head. I think Knox City will take Strawn by twenty or more. I watched this group of seniors from Knox City when they were freshmen. Six kids on their JV with no subs. All they did was wear the other team down physically until they were dominating in the fourth quarter. I think it will take more than 2 scrimmages to get Strawn up to playoff speed.

I think Iredell is woefully under rated. According to DCTF they did not lose a starter. They have at least 3 freshmen coming up that are good enough to force playing time. One of them (unless he has been recruited somewhere else) was the fastest 7th grader I have ever seen. We are talking sub 24 in the 200 meter as a 7th grader. I think Iredell will take Gustine in Gustine in a close game.

I have had a theory for years that the home field is worth 2 TDs. You can count that as 12 points or 16 points depending on your kicking game. I think May at Jayton has become a you pick 'em game. Should be a really good game!