Division II Semi-Finals

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Seems we will have district rematches in both the North and the South.
Covenant Classical rolled over Coram Deo 46- 0 at the half.
Abilene Christian upsets Lucas Christian 68-44
So District 1 rematch Covenant won the district game 52-6
In the south District 5 teams advance to the Semi's
Conroe Covenant shutout San Maros 46-0
Pasadena First Baptist topped Waco Live Oak 78-28
First Baptist won the District game 64-16

The rematches should be good contests it's hard to beat a team two times in a season. But I would think Covenant Classical and Pasadena will be favored.
Each school will know each other very well, so which school can make the best adjustments will probably come out on top.

I did find it ironic that both Covenants won tonight by 46-0 scores. What are the odds of that?
Ft. Worth Covenant held Coram Deo to 0 first downs. Coram Deo had one, but a block in the back wiped it out. Everyone always talks about their offense but they have yet to yield a point in the playoffs.
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Does Pasadena go with the tried and true bully ball? Conroe will be better prepared for that. Will their adjustments force Pasadena to expand their play calling?