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Well boys, it all comes down to this week. All that hard work u have put in, all the sweat, and all the teamwork u have shown. Couldn't be any more proud of u guys, you have a chance to do something that no other team from Rochelle has done, win district. When Lometa comes to town, u leave it all out on the field, play for each other and good things will happen. 2011 district champion Rochelle Hornets, sure sounds good but its up to you, sting em boys!
Iz it reely true yew fellers ain't never won districk outrite? Well, if so, I iz apullin' fer yew next Fridie nite. Man, it will done be sumthin'--hornet on hornet action. With that much hornet, hornet, hornet yew all iz prolly goin' to go hornuts. Big Red stalkin' one sideline and the kid from Richland stalkin' the uther one fer them Brady, oops, Rochelle Hornets. Who will done win the battle of the braintrusts? Which mascot has done got the most potent stinger? Will Paula Deen done have a stroke if Rochelle wins? Fer answers to these and uther questions tune in to thiz here same hornet channel and the same hornet time next week.
It is true Goob, closest Rochelle came was a tie in 1961 I believe, lost a coin flip so no title. Hopefully this year it will work out in our favor. Smokey ur right the hornets will win, just hope its the ones in the blue and gold.
And the dang coin flip wuz with southern Concho co. Yew may deserve to win more than any. . .body. . .else in the whole wide world of sports.
Dear Big Red and feller from Richland,

I truly hope yew fellers ain't offended that I wud say anything to yew or bout yew. I done like yew both, but I iz aware that thare iz many a feller in yur position who iz reel thin-skinned and tender. In fact, thare iz fellers out thare that wud dog cuss thare own kids fer bein' so sensitive, yet when it comes thare way--roll out the teat and pucker up.
Prolly won't need it
but it wouldn't hurt,
to bus in that girl that won state
and let her bless the ball,
make the gatorade,
sing the national anthem,
tape all the ankles,
make the chili,
and run the chains!!
Just for luck and all.
I'm jus sayin'.
I'm certain the boys are ready and are focused, this is what they've been talking about since day one,but I'm sure lometa feels the same, play with heart like we've seen you do guys and y'all can pull it off!! Best wishes and I'll be there cheering for Rochelle with all my Hornet pride!
Goob":29febxnx said:
Fergit that stuff, play her.
Um..., Goob.....
far be it from me to
usurp your authority
but there's a good chance
she doesn't have any eligibility left?
Jus sayin'.
Do you think that would matter?
bluehornet":17fswdr5 said:
Hornets are kind of like bugs .... STINGING bugs. Rochelle Hornets are planning on doing lots of stinging Friday night.
This years Rochelle Hornets-
"Bringin' the Stingin'"