11-man fan
This should be a fun District this year with the state runner-up and I know that a dark horse is in this district as well. Waco has had some upgrades this offseason, and should raise some eyebrows this year. A stable coach that has turned the program around. Scrimmages have looked promising. I just pray the boys stay healthy, but as for that I hope all the boys around that state stay healthy. Good luck to everyone this season. Finally THAT time of year is here again.
I do hope that Waco Parkview does well this year. I have been picking them to make the playoffs for the last three years. I figure I will eventually get it right. Go Pacers!!!
We should have a good district race this year. The district was very young last year, and still had a good playoff run. Tyler Street is going to be tough. And yes, Parkview looks good this year, so tepryde you may be right this go around. Coach Crenshaw is a great man of God, and a good ball coach too.
tepryde I hope they can make some noise this year in the playoffs. I'd like to see them upset one of the top two teams. I am predicting they will jump up there and surprise one of the "Big Two" in our district. Just an early preseason prediction. Duncanville on the road and Tyler street at our beautiful facility under the lights on a friday night finally.