District 15 D2 2022

Zephyr received the kickoff but gets hit hard, now on their 35.
Zephyr sacked for a big loss, 2nd down on their 17
3rd down on 24,only 4th and long now, zephyr punts, blanket starting on their 7
Blanket run gets to 11, 2nd down, blanket sacked and fumbled the ball, zephyr recovers, zephyr on 4 1st down, fumble, blanket recovers, blanket on their 10, run gets them to the 16, tackled for a loss, now on their 12, run gets them to the 26, 4th down and 4, timeout.
Blanket with a run gets the 1st down, now at their 35, timeout.
Run gets blanket to the zephyr 34, 2nd down, timeout 5 seconds left in the half
Run only gets to zephyr 30.

Halftime tied 22-22
Zephyr with a good return but now stalled on 22, 4th down, but manages a 1st down.
Zephyr with a run for a 1st down at the 5, touchdown on the next play, PAT is good

Zephyr 30 Blanket 22 6:45 in the 3rd
Blanket with a good return to midfield but almost fumbles on the 1st play, 2nd down 40, sacked for a loss, run gains a few yards, 4th down
Pass is complete but fails to get the 1st down, zephyr ball.
Zephyr with a great run that is only stopped by shoestring tackle, flag, unsportsmanlike on both teams, zephyr 1st down and goal.
Zephyr handoff only gains a yard, 2nd down.
Zephyr run gets the touchdown, PAT is good.

Zephyr 38 Blanket 22 3:48 in the 3rd
Blanket starts on their 25
Blanket fumbles and Zephyr recovers, flag but its on Blanket, declined.
Zephyr on the 26 and gets a great run to the 15 but fumbles it and Blanket recovers.
Blanket starts on the 15, run gets them to the 29.
Pass incomplete, 3rd down.
Run up the middle gets a 1st down.
Run gets to the 40.
Another run gets them to the 33, another run gets the 1st down.
Incomplete pass, flag, pass interference against Zephyr.
1st and goal, short gain 2nd down, run to the left gets the touchdown, PAT good. Flag, unsportsmanlike on Blanket ball on the 15 for kick off

Zephyr 38 Blanket 30
Run gets zephyr to the 29, 1st down.
Handoff goes nowhere, 2nd down.
Incomplete pass, 3rd dow.
Pitch back stopped, 4th down.
Pass incomplete, turnover on downs.
Blanket at 30, run gets them to the 39.
Run upfield gets the 1st down.
Blanket with a run but flags on the play, hold against blanket, ball back on the 40.
Handoff stopped in the backfield, 2nd down.
Run gets to the 28, 3rd down
Run gets a few yards, 4th down. Run is stopped.
Ball turns over on downs.
Zephyr starts at their 25.
Run gets to the 34, 2nd down
Another run to left just short of yardmarker, 3rd down.
Run gets a inch but enough for 1st down.
Hold against zephyr, ball back on the 31
Run gets them back to the 40 timeout with 2:55 left in the game
2nd down on the 40, run gets to the 32, 3rd down 2:40 left in the game
Blanket with a sack in the backfield, 4th down ball on the 35, 2:34 left in game
4th down, zephyr with a great run but short of 1st down.
Blanket ball on the 25
Short gain, 2nd down blanket
Run gets to the 33, 3rd down
Fake handoff goes nowhere, 4th down
Run stopped, ball goes over on downs
Zephyr at blankets 30
Victory formation

Zephyr 38 Blanket 30

Zephyr District 15 champions
Week 11 results;
Zephyr 38 Blanket 30
Sidney 70 Gustine 25
Mullin Open

Final District Standings:
Zephyr 4-0
Blanket 3-1
Sidney 2-2
Mullin 1-3
Gustine 0-4

Week 12 rankings:
Zephyr 26 9-1
Blanket 27 8-2
Sidney 31 4-5
Mullin 51 4-6
Gustine 59 0-10

Richland Springs vs Zephyr
Blanket vs Cherokee
Richland Springs 22 Zephyr 8 52 seconds left in the 1st quarter

On the bright side, my dogs did get a very nice sack in the backfield and made the Coyotes turn over on downs