DCTF preseason picks for D2 District 15

1. Sidney
2. Zephyr
3. Blanket
4. Mullin
5. Gustine

I believe that is a decent order for the pick Considering returning production alone, which is really all they have to go by. I personally have Blanket at #1 but i am a little biased!!
Maybe if they all stay healthy. Sidney will not have a lot of depth. Zephyr had an 8th grade team last year that was plenty salty.
That 8th grade team was very salty, don’t think we’ll see them on varsity this year but wouldn’t be surprised if they did.
I think it’ll come down to whoever is the healthiest at the end of district play. Zephyr will have 25-30+ kids to choose from which helps a lot. Plus a strong freshmen class.

Blanket lost some leadership, but are returning multiple starters and adding some freshmen role players.

Sidney is also returning key players and adding quality freshmen. So it’ll definitely be a battle for the playoffs between Blanket, Zephyr & Sidney.