District 15 D2 2022

Sidney goes for it on 4th down on their own 7th yard line is stopped. Blanket gets the ball but fumbles at the same spot, Sidney’s ball
End of the 3rd quarter
Sidney fumbles the ball into a Blanket defender for a turnover, Blanket ball
Practically gift wrapped the thing 🎁
Blanket at the goal line
Blanket scores but PAT is no good

Blanket 46 Sidney 28 6:23 in the 4th
Blanket with a interception and run back for a touchdown, PAT is far left

Blanket 52 Sidney 28 4:19 left in the 4th
Blanket with another interception, scores on a run on the first play, PAT blocked

Blanket 58 Sidney 28 3:18 in the 4th
Sidney with a pass down the sideline that gets them to the 5 yard line but fumbles the ball on the first play, Blanket ball
Week 10 results:
Blanket 58 Sidney 28
Mullin 61 Gustine 52
Zephyr Open

District standings:
Zephyr 3-0
Blanket 3-0
Sidney 1-2
Mullin 1-3
Gustine 0-3

Blanket 25 8-1
Zephyr 27 8-1
Sidney 32 3-5
Mullin 53 4-6
Gustine 59 0-9

Week 11 matchups:
Blanket @ Zephyr
Gustine @ Sidney
Mullin Open

Blanket/ Zephyr is for the district championship
Blanket vs Zephyr here we go!

Blanket to receive the kick off but bobbled and dropped the ball on the 17, but runs in for a touchdown on the next play, PAT no good

Blanket 6 Zephyr 0 9:46 in 1st
Blanket goes 4 and out at the zephyr 30 zephyr ball. 2 down, Zephyr runs it in for a touchdown, PAT good

Zephyr 14 Blanket 6
Blanket at midfield, gets a touchdown but called back for holding

Blanket working their way down field

Blanket 1st and goal, stopped for no gain
Incomplete pass, 3rd now on the goal line
Touchdown on 4th down, PAT good

Tied 14-14 3:35 in 1st
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Start of 2nd, 4th down on 16, zephyr gets the 1st down, 1st down on the 10, holding against zephyr, ball now on 19 1st down
Incomplete pass, personal foul on blanket, 1st and goal on the 10.
Zephyr with a stumble into the endzone, touchdown, PAT good.

Zephyr 22 Blanket 14 8:22 in 2nd
Blanket on 26, stopped for a loss, 2nd down run gets to the 37, run for 1st down, now on zephyr 32, stopped for no gain, run play gets them to the 19, another run gets a 1st down at the 12.
Another run gets blanket at the goal, touchdown, PAT good.

Tied 22-22 4:53 in the 2nd