district 10 pre-district

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Gordon is at Newcastle

Gustine is at Morgan

Lingleville plays Lohn at Zephyr on Thursday at 8:00

May plays Garden City at Zephyr on Friday at 8:00

Strawn plays Blum at Hico on Saturday at 6:30

Good luck to all of these schools this year, I hope all of you do well!

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Lingleville 75 Zephyr JV 30

Morgan 87 Gustine 56

Gordon 30 Newcastle 16

Garden City 76 May 28

Blum 98 Strawn 50

Alright, honest opinions and pointed questions are not always welcomed on this web site. But here we go.
Zephyr JV is a better than average JV and gave Lingleville a much better game than Lohn would have. But, they are still a JV. That being said, Lingleville did not run the spread with timing routes like I expected. They ran what I would call a wing-T with some power running and a lot of timing routes off of play action. It looked really good.

I expected Gordon to beat Newcastle by more than 14. Is there a story behind this? Did Gordon hold some players out for one reason or another?

I was a little disappointed that Gustine was unable to handle Morgan.

I new May had a way to go in bringing their blocking around to near last years form. I really thought they would score a few more points than they did.

Coach Lee at Strawn is doing his usual superb coaching job, building the offense around the talent that he has to work with. Strawn scored a few more points than I expected, without any power running game! Hey, just run around a little, find someone deep and connect on the bomb. Why I ever thought that someone who can throw a discus 150+feet couldn't throw a football even further is beyond me!

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Week 2 schedule looks something like this:

Gustine at Brookesmith

Gordon at Highland

Strawn at Rochelle

Rising Star at May

Lingleville has an open date

texas man

How does everyone see the games playing out this week?

Brooksesmith by 15
Gordon by 45
Rochelle in a close one by 4
Rising Star by 20

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Alright, I'll try this one.

Gustine is in Brookesmith but I'll take Gustine in a close one.

Gordon is in Highland. It is hard to win in Highland even with the better team. I will still take Gordon by 20.

Rochelle has had a chance to watch Strawn's spread on vidio. I don't think Rochelle's safties will stop at 30 yards down field and watch the ball go over their heads. Rochelle by 35.

Rising Star does not have the speed or quickness that Garden City displayed. May by 28.


Blue Bird":2m6cu8c4 said:
I expected Gordon to beat Newcastle by more than 14. Is there a story behind this? Did Gordon hold some players out for one reason or another?

Gordon run blocking was very weak. Borderline pathetic. Newcastle's effort had something to with that. Of note was Gordon's last drive in the 3rd quarter into the 4th: 16 plays, 57 yards; TO on downs at the Newcastle 4.....

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Brookesmith 56 Gustine 6. I am sorry to say, I'm afraid Gustine has regressed a little from last year. I "heard" last night that they are playing their #3 QB at this point.

Gordon 42 Highland 36

Rochelle 54 Strawn 8

May 82 Rising Star 36

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Week 3:

Blanket at Gordon

Moran at Gustine

Bryson at Lingleville

Abilene Christian at Strawn

May at Zephyr

texas man

Lets give this a try again...
Blanket by 8 The tigers start to turn around their season.
Moran by 45
Lingleville by 45
Strawn by 20
Zephyr by 30

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Bulldogs turned the ball over on three kickoffs in the first quarter. Hard to score when you don't have the ball. Once Zephyr got the momentem midway through the second quarter, May never could get it back. All in all it was a good hard hitting game to watch.

texas man

Week 4

Gustine at Lohn Picking the tigers only chance for a win this season by 16 tigers

Blanket at May The tigers win by 10 o wait they are both tigers the May tigers by 10

Gordon at Rising Star If number 7 is healthy the horns by 45 if not the horns by 30

Granbury Cornerstone at Strawn The hounds by 20

Iredell at Lingleville the dragons by 24

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Lingleville 54 Iredell 16

Gustine 1 Lohn 0

May 51 Blanket 6

Gordon 42 rising Star 28

Strawn 88 Granbury Cornerstone 80

First and only time D 10 teams all win?

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Gordon 58 Walnut Springs 8

Gorman 87 Strawn 42

Covington 54 Gustine 0

May 58 Trhrockmorton 8

Newcastle 60 Lingleville 14