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Old Bearkat

Six-man expert
I didn't want it to be funny. I just want to panic a few people on here. The Follett Pan Handlers sounds good to me. Their new logo could be an floating hand holding a cast iron pan.

Follett Panhandlers, Mascot is a bum with a 5 day beard holding out a cup
Hart Attacks, Mascot an old bald fat guy clutching his chest or a flat line EKG
Kress Kangaroos, I could not think of anything else
McLean Skinnies, Mascot is Anoxeric
Valley Girls, Mascot Moon Unit Zappa
No no no no no no no.

Mclean will not be the Skinnies. They will be...

Mclean Stevenson

C'mon that is good! Their fight song will be Suicide is Painless.