D1 District 15 for 2020

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I was killing a little time this morning looking at schedules. Jonesboro has seven road games this year. They did not have the luck of the draw at their district meeting. Zephyr has worked their non-district schedule to the point that they will be competitive with most of their games. I can't say that I wouldn't have done the same thing. In the long run I can't say that this will help them in their quest for a playoff spot. Might keep them healthy.

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Well, after seeing the score in last nights game between Sidney and Zephyr, I'm thinking is Lometa or Evant coming in second now? I had heard that Zephyr's good RB was not playing. From looking at their score with Sidney, he did not play. Zephyr went from an average team to something less than average.

I know we are not supposed to look behind bushes any more or even state those thoughts out loud, but....when will or has this good RB turned 18? You guys know where my thoughts are heading.
I haven’t been to ether Sidney or Veribest game but I have talked with someone who was at the Sidney game and they said that one starter quit due to concussion, another starter was injured and there was only 9 players suited up for varsity, lowest turnout for football for Zephyr in a long time, which is probably due to Covid concerns, though I have noticed that their enrollment numbers have been declining with every realignment, hopefully I can get to a game and see for myself.
They did beat Paint Rock 51-6, their offense can put the points on the board but it’s the defense that’s the problem and has been a problem for a while. As for getting students from Brownwood, we really don’t get that many, you have 7 schools in the county competing for students, I know for a fact that Zephyr, Brookesmith, and Mullin Bus kids in from Brownwood.


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With Zephyr, it's not wholly a player problem. But what I did hear is that the superintendent took all of the football players who were failing and had them complete their work so they could pass and have homecoming.