Covington/Milford postgame


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Hello six man community I’m making this post to bring awareness to a situation that happened after the Milford @ Covington game last night . After the game Covington supporters (who were later identified as Cleburne ISD students) , entered Milford’s visitor side locker room with a gun . They physically assaulted one of our student athletes before fleeing and eventually being arrested. It was a group of individuals but only the one with the gun was arrested the other kids were sent home .

This was a scary situation for our students and community as parents and coaches had to act to make the environment safe for our kids . I understand trash talk and competitive rivalries but some lines should never crossed . It’s a blessing that no one was injured last night. I’m not sure if Covington should add more security to protect the opposing team , or just practice better fan decorum . I’m extremely disappointed in what happened to our kids last night after the ball game.
Hope he is severely punished for that stunt. The others should also be punished for taking part with this idiot.
I'm sure they knew what was going on and chose to be there with him.
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I know kids who are still allowed to use rifles/shotguns for hunting, but a hand gun meant for a person/kid is the difference.

Kids soaked by movies & TV have seen gang members & whoever just "show" their guns. Obviously the gun was real. So that would be threatening enough if it wasn't pointed at him.

I sure would like to know: Will the Milford student athlete's parents be able to file charges on the gunKid? How about the kids with the gunKid, who were "sent Home Sweet Home?" Who the heck's gun WAS it anyway?

Maybe they don't want this on the offending young men's records, to "haunt" them the rest of their lives.

Too bad the assaulted Milford student athlete may be affected for life, just by being threatened with a gun, or any humiliation he might perceive on his part.

I'm not selling the victim's parents short on handling this way better than I could.

I don't know many specifics, so obviously I totally can't say, just saying I have seen OTHER Small-Town law inforcement/officials who didn't take their public service positions nearly seriously enough.
The best action for the authorities to take would be to make very good bad examples of every offender involved. The punishment needs to be such that others who may be so inclined to this kind of stupidity in the future will remember what happened to these young men.