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who will win the BCS National Championship?

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Im so tired of the BCS....it nevers give me what i want. how does missouri get beat as the number 1 team by a good OU team and fail to get into BCS?? I know mizz laid an egg against OU, but still. their only 2 loses come from a good OU team.

LSU who i think is best team in nation gets beat 2 different times this year ranked #1 (first time thats ever happened;only 2 losses both while ranked number 1) by Arkansas and Kentucky and still in it over Mizz.

I know Hawaii plays in a weak conference, but still, these guys are only team that went undefeated in D1. I dont think they should either, but how do they not get a shot at NAtional Championship??

Ohio State has to be the most boring team to ever be ranked number 1.
I know there defense has only allowed 2 rushing td's all season and are stacked....but i just dont think they are deserving of being number 1.

Illinois against USC?? I mean, does anyone else think this is really going to be a game? i think it will be a blowout....like the kind of game USC usually plays in Week 1. UI is ranked 13, how are they an at large team?

Kansas.....I will argue with anyone thats riding the KU bandwagon. I just dont see where and why people think these guys are so good. The one meaningful game they played in was against Missouri and got beat, yet they stay in BCS? I mean KU had a weaker schedule than Hawaii, they somehow avoided Texas and OU. How did that happen?

West Virginia?? How does a team that gets by South Florida ( now #18 ) and upset by a horrible Pitt team and still stay ahead of other teams with 2 losses??

If ever college football needs a playoff system, its now.
Have the top 16 teams from BCS rankings have a playoff. #1 plays #16 and so on. No byes, higher seed team gets home field. then when the last 4 games get down to it, name them the major bowls and play them in their designated spots(Miami,New Orleans, Pasadena, and Glendale).that would consist of 4 weeks of playoffs with the 2 teams what had earned their shot at a National Championship game appearance. Thats the only way to solve the BS....i mean the BCS

What does everyone else think of my idea, and if you have one, tell me about it!
There can be an argument against every team this year. I too would love a playoff but if it won't happen after this season, it NEVER will. There is too much money involved. There the argument against travel... blah, blah, blah. I think in the very least we should get the +1 game after the bowls, but not sure if that will even happen.
I read an article on a 16 team bracket where every conference gets their winner and then you have 5 at large teams. Like D-I AA(FCS), DII and DIII do and you could still have your small bowls like the international bowl and stuff like that.

I like the idea of having a 32 team bracket. Knock the regular season down to 11 games in 12 weeks and each conference winner plus division winner (SEC,CUSA,Big XII, ACC,MAC) gets a guaranteed spot. The rest are regional (4to6 regions) at large bids with a rep from each conference in the region selecting. Then battle it out for 5 weeks and if they want you can still have your sun bowls and alamo bowls and whatever else.