Are there too many teams in the Playoffs?

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OBK will clue you in on the slow, agonizing death that 8-man suffered back in the day. Not going to happen Butch, not going to happen.


Maybe so but something has to be said. So I'm just saying. Does it make sense or not? 8 man is not unpopular. I played it in the military. Masonic Home played it when I was in High School. What is the hang up with 8 man. Let more kids play. More opportunities! There are 70 schools in Division 1 according to the rankings. Not enough to play 8 man ball? BS! Could happen easily! Open minds folks!

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Here is what I say, the numbers should be lowered. There are some big schools playing sixman. Schools that would have been 11 man when I played are sixman now. Thumbs down plurbbbbbbb! Go back to one division, put 5-6 six teams in a district and send the top two teams to the playoffs. It worked 18 years ago and further back. If numbers are the big deal, maybe sixman division 1 schools should be 8 man. I don't see an issue with that. Anybody else?

Butch, as much as I'd like to see 8 man make a comeback, It just ain't going to happen. Given the way numbers fluctuate in most small schools, the 8 man division just would not be stable. You'd probably see some schools go go back and forth between 8 and 11 man several times over a decade.


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Based on several games last night...the second place teams did seems "just", to keep 2 teams per District for the playoffs...


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Butch....Bearkat has a valid point with leaving 8man dead...

As far as your point about larger SixMan schools not playing enough players in a game.....Most of the larger schools can now have JV teams where they can field a team and play more players that way....the D2 schools usually can't do this because of the attrition of players due to injury or other factors...

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Popray is right. With all of the JVs in division I, there is more total playing time for all of the players now than there would be if the top third were playing in the crowded field.


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Based on the performances this past weekend I believe we should leave it alone...
There will always be strong and weak districts and some teams that would not have made it in other times and circumstances but they got there. All things usually balance out by the 2nd round of the playoffs and what a good round this week will be....


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Some interesting numbers after round 1 of the playoffs:

Division I
16 Games Total
7 Games Settled by 45 Point Rule
14 Games Won by District Champs
2 Games Won by District Runner-ups
5 Games Won by Less Than 10 Points
1 of the close games was won by a Runner-up
The Other Runner-up Won by 36

Division II
16 Games Total
11 Games Settled by 45 Point Rule
13 Games Won by District Champs
3 Games Won by District Runner-ups
3 Games Won by Less Than 10 Points
2 of the close games was won by a Runner-up
The Other Runner-up Won by 16

Total for Round 1:
32 Games
18 Settled by 45 point rule
27 Won by District Champs
5 Won by District Runner-ups
8 Games Settled by Less Than 10 Points
3 Of those Close Games Were Won by the Runner-up

In conclusion it looks like teams are more closely matched in Division I, it also appears that we have 5 teams that did not win district that are still alive.


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Are the spreads from previous weeks saved somewhere on this site? I am looking for the ones for week 11 so I can just do a comparison of predicted 45s to what really happened and a win/loss too.

If there is a link to them please post it.




We have not had a real jv team in years. We look across the field and most varsity games we play they have more than we have come out Last year we had eight players play other than on the extra point defense The year before was the same Two years ago we had our jv play some d2 varsity teams just to get some games most were freshman and very small one team made a point to hurt some of the little ones and celebrated not the win per say but the pain inflicted. The next year they played our varsity. I think they got 3 first downs one by penalty most of there team was Srs when they played our varsity. Coach Williams nor the parents would allow our players to celebrate until the game was over


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Count me in as one that favors two teams from each district getting into the playoffs. I can think of two teams that ended up in the state finals after being the second seed from their district. Jayton in 89 (lost to Guthrie in district) and Wellman in 87 (three way tie with Loop and Sands. Finished second after the coin flip).


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This year we have two fine examples of deserving second place teams making it to the 3rd round, so far..three more games this evening...

Calvert has evened knocked off the #2 team in state...and next week we get a great rematch of District foes in Aquilla and Abbott....


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Not this time of year......Great to see a second place team in the SemiFinals...Go Abbott...