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    Strawn's K-Lani Nava Makes PATs & History

    What an awesome thing for her and the team.
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    Jonesboro vs Borden County

    Controlling the clock is just smart coaching. Keep the ball out of the hands of the opposing team and your chances of winning increase dramatically. So nothing wrong with that concept at all. The problem was BC didn't take time off the clock when they had the ball . They scored on one play to...
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    Jonesboro vs Borden County

    Yikes three fumbles.
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    Jonesboro vs Borden County

    So far so good. Sure wish they would have punched it in there before half ended. But wow great job eating that clock up.
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    OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: 2017 D1 Borden County v Jonesboro

    Darn fumble! Jonesboro did excellent job controlling the ball and eating clock up.
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    Game day!!

    Well crap. Can't get that app in Mexico...
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    Championship Games

    I lived in that area for years. Boomerjacks is ok. Atmosphere is better than the food. A good BBQ place close to stadium is Red Hot and Blue. Lot of old pics and stories of blues bands inside. And yes sadly enough after the second game traffic will be a pain. Not only the rush hour but...
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    Championship Games travels to all and thank goodness for online broadcasting.....I will be listening from down south in Cabo. Good luck to all the teams and congrats on making it to State!!!!
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    Best six-man players of all-time

    Did not realize that well that changes things...oh well good luck Tioga.
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    Dallas Cowboys

    Yea I think it's all over..but I'm still a fan.
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    Dallas Cowboys

    Cowboys are still alive even though they are on life support.
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    Jonesboro vs Borden County

    I'm a fan of the east so I'm hoping for an upset in this game but the only way I see that happening is, first absolutely have to play mistake free football and slow I mean real slow time eating methodical drives to eat up the clock and keep the ball away from them. Now that's a lot easier said...
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    25 Days of Champions -- 1984 Jayton

    It's been established that this is not the 84 Jayton team. Some one said it was the 86 team. If anyone has a pic of the 84 team if you can let Leman know. Great story of how they made the transition...I knew the success of 84 and 85 but had no idea Phil was able to win 82 of the first 100...
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    Milford vs Strawn

    And that just solidified earlier statement...Milford always seems to have athletes year in year out.