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    Time For a Comeback!

    Are we to refer to Mike as Mr Mike Sir or the All Knowing and All Powerful Mike? :-)
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    Mr. Trump

    The United States Constitution sets the first Tuesday in November as Election Day. Any ballot cast at any other time should be considered illegal.
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    There you go Dogman. I’ve made my semiannual contribution to the page count
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    If you’d quit screwing up so much, no one would mention it. ;-)
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    Coach Sam Adams

    I hope the link’s working. Pete Christy did a story on Coach recently
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    Coach Sam Adams ... ji6APA&d=n
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    I would have thought this thread would have been deleted by now.
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    UIL State Exec Committee to Meet on Rankin

    Just wanting to ask this question regarding the UIL, public school voluntary membership, and the TEA. Public school districts are given taxing authority by the state for their funding. The state has given the TEA the authority to regulate public school districts and steal their tax money to...
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    Rainjack sponsors Sixmania's state game broadcasts

    If I had any money, I’d sponsor that. Of course most of the money would have to go for hiring a cop to break up the fist fights in the booth.
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    Why the Guru's Machine stinks and other thoughts

    Mr Granger Sir is the only guy I know that will create a computer message board for people to complain about the results of what he created for a hobby.
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    I think the “Coaching Carousel” thread is where all the destructive talking goes.
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    West Texas Sand

    That good west Texas dirt helps your property values. Feel free to send me a check for making your land more valuable.
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    Roby to play six-man

    Forsan has enough refugees from Big Spring that, along with the oil boom, they’ll stay crowded field for a long time. They may even wind up 3A like Coahoma.
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    Burkhart pulling upset against GC?

    1. Where’s OBK with the popcorn meme when you need him? 2. What’s the odds this thread is presented in court as evidence in a criminal trial?
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    Schools that should come to 6-man

    I think New Home chose to go down to crowded field ball because they saw their enrollment numbers would be 2A by the next alignment.