World record Frito Pie


Six-man fan

Traveled to the toxic waste site of Waxahachie to take in an Aquilla/ Waxahachie game

Now this is a fine facility, but the field could use a little water, but luckily the wind was blowing such that the other side of the field enjoyed the dust raised by two hard hitting teams. Shoot fire, I thought I was back in the Lubbock area.

Nice fine C-stand, the building that is, clean and large rest rooms attached with flush toilets. And hot water at the sinks.

But the Frito Pie, standard chips, chili, and a few japs on the side in a lil plastic boat that looks about the same size as those things a lunchable might come in. All that for only three bucks. That’s right, three bucks, should work out to about 30 dollars a pound.

I would suspect less than a ¼ cup of product. So in the grand scheme of things, worst pie this year. The two best were at Loraine and Novice so far so this week I got to travel some where new, the quest continues.

PS: the Rocket cafe ya gotta eat there if you get a chance
Wish I could have tried the FT Davis Frito Pie....They decided not to have any. BBQ on the Courthouse grounds was plenty good. Big Doin's in Ft. Davis this weekend. May have to go polish my belt buckle tonight as Rick Trevino is performing.
Smokey, Would you consider giving some insight into the game you witnessed last night. Outcome seems a bit interesting. Curious minds want to know. Throck over-rated? Fort Davis under-rated? Your impression of the defense on both sides? Maybe none of the above and these things just happen on any given Friday night? Please share some football talk.
Ft. Davis has an outstanding offensive scheme. Their offense reminded me a little of Richland Springs in the TE era.
I am not taking anything away from Ft. Davis. They played a good game, they might want to work on the defensive side a
little :)
Throckmorton looked a little lethargic. I don't know if you can attribute that to a 10 a.m. start, higher altitude or LOOOONG road trip or a combination of all.
Again, not taking anything away from Ft. Davis. They are an outstanding offensive team and probably will enjoy a playoff run. They are also an extremely young team. I wouldn't want to play them in the next few years. If the defense comes along anything like the offense they are gonna be double-tuff.
Thanks to all the residents of the area of Ft. Davis for the true West Texas Hospitality shown to us.
Thank you sir! That is a long road to travel for Throckmorton no doubt. Sounds like it was an exciting game and great weekend.
SimplyPut":x79rjdcg said:
Thank you sir! That is a long road to travel for Throckmorton no doubt. Sounds like it was an exciting game and great weekend.
So far so good. Gonna go star gazing at McDonald Observatory tonight. If us old codgers can stay up long enough we may go check out the Marfa Lights as well.
High Plains Drifter":2ohco9ja said:
Smokey, the Marfa lights are best seen with a case of Lone Star long necks and some tequila.

Agreed, the one time I saw them we were fortified like that.........