Who will win the Tcaf D2 title


11-man fan
Azle vs Highpoint... who wins and why?

I've seen Highpoint play this year and they came real close to beating Tyler Street.
I have not seen Azle play this year but from the looks of it they are the favorites in this game

But I am picking Highpoint to win it all.. Highpoint Has the best runningback in Tcaf and guess what??? He is just a Freshman! Alex Vokes is also a good player. He was on the Christway team that made it to State Two years ago!

My prediction:

Highpoint 56
Azle 48
High Point has the fastest running back, but he is not the best...Azle is a complete football team with enough speed to contain him...I also don't think High Point has the defense to stop Azle...
veezy, veezy, veezy. Best running back in tcaf ? I heard that over the loudspeakers a couple of weeks ago, as azle. That's spelled A-Z-L-E- 45ed another opponent, on their way to their goal for this season. I guarantee you that the Crusader defense cant wait to meet this " best running back in tcaf" challenge. It's gonna be a throwdown.
Defense, defense, defense will determine this one. Too many weapons on the Azle side of the ball.
Dont stop believing !
Let me rephrase my post. I meant the best running back in tcaf division 2 this year not all around!

Sorry that i post so much guys, this is my last one this week

good luck to both teams in Trent
week 4 Score 66 to 30, not 52 to 6. Games are not won with words, but with hard hits and and team work. I fill this game will be a good one, and the team that wins will do it on the field not on a computor screen. Azle played very well Saturday, but Saint Paul's with out the two brothers both playing could not be the best Saint Paul's team. Saint Pauls almost lost to Wylie with out them.
Should be a Great game!! It could go either way and I wouldn't be surprised if Either team walked off the field this weekend in Trent with the trophy.With that being said I am going to go with Highpoint in a close one.Coach Lum has those boys over there focused and as ready as they can be.Good luck to BOTH teams and Congratulations to both schools for getting there and having the opportunity to play in the "State Championship".
I don't know enought about Azle, but Im hoping that HP wins.About that running back, maybe not the best in TCAF but in my opinion the best 9th grade running back in TCAF and a very smart coach.
@ pacman the game is not won by hard hits. The game is won by disipline, well coached, and respecting the oppenent. On the other hand, azle is a good team highpoint is a good team but I think highpoint will win in overtime. Their FRESHMAN running back is too strong and fast! He is hard to bringdown!
Wow! Some respect for Azle, but not much. This will be a very good ballgame. Lets be clear about something, both teams are very well coached. Both coaching staffs will prepare their teams this Saturday. Your right, Highpoint has a good running back. Azle has seen several very good backs this year as i would guess Highpoint has also. I still think that depth plays a important role in getting to the state championship. As far as Highpoint having the best all around running back, maybe!!! Azle has #3 and #11. Both are threats to break one at any time. Defense will play a major factor in this game. My bet is Azle will have more in the gastank than Highpoint. No Disrespect to Highpoint. Azle if memory serves me well has played in big games and that might be a factor also. In the end, Azle takes the prize!!! 45-28!!
Im not sure ,but if I remember right the HP coach has been to a couple of big games as a coach and if Im wrong please for give me Coach Rodricks ,didn't you and the HPcoach win a championship coaching together. I can't remember the school are the year but it has been a long time ago. HP may not have played in big games but their coach has. Good luck to both teams.
All this talk about high points running back! No disrespect but #3 from azle is better in my eyes. I have seen both teams play and this #3 is very hard to handle
High points running back is a freshman, at least from what I understand. Wow ! He is making great runs behind a really physical blocking other 5 guys. He is fast enough to break it open every play if he is not contained. I cant wait to see him in action.
I cant wait to see #3 from Azle too., and #2, #5, #7, #8, #10, and on, and on.....
Yes Coach Mike Lum has been in many Big Games! I actually left to Coach at Arlington St.Alban's the year Coach Lum won a State title with Evangel Temple Christian School which was in Grand Prarie,I believe that was in 1999.The year before that he led his team to the State Championship against Texas Christian Academy which was a solid football team from Arlington. Also back then Coach Lum had to match witts with The likes of Coach Larry Uland at Greenville Chistian School,Cloid Helton at El Paso Jesus Chapel school.Coach Lum fared very well against these teams which were Juggernauts back in the 90's.Those teams back then in my humble opinion would 45 Everyone the past several years in TCAF,TCAL,and TAPPS.Good luck to all the teams playing this weekend!
Thanks Coach Rodricks, I could not remember the HP coach name. But I did remember him and you coaching together. TCA had a young man name Zeller I think he was the AD. You are right in my opinion very few teams today could not stand up to the late 90 teams and early 2000 teams. The first 6 man game I ever saw was Metro when Coach AJA was coaching them they were playing some team from around Austin and I sit up in the stands with Coach U and he explain the gsme to me. Coach U older son coach my son in middle school and that was a long time ago. Good lucl in BBall I always though you were a very good BBall coach.
im sorry to inform all of you but High Points running back is definetely not the best, i believe #3 from Azle is. In my opinion Azle is going to come out on top, they are way to fast and way to physical for this team. Azle can run, pass, and power there way to the endzone every possession they get.
There defense will shut High Point down, Early.
The depth of this team will keep them fresh all game long, you cannot stop Azle they have a goal and they arent going down without a fight!
my prediction 58-24 Azle!!
Coach Lum is a class act! I was at Texas Christian on staff back in the day when we played Evangel Temple. those were fun times... seems like forever ago.
Sounds like this will be an exciting game!

Coach Peters
High point's running back is just a freshman. He comes from a football family. His dad is an assistant at k-state, his brother started last year at corner back at pantego christian as a freshman!!! Highpoint won state in track last year. They can compete with azle and will just enough pull out in trent in overtime.

plus good luck to azle and high point for making it this far!!!