When do Ropes and Meadow play?

This should be an epic show down just like it has been since Ropes' team in 2007 however this game has determined the district championship for many years. I'm personally excited to be on the sidelines again and watch these two teams fight again. This is a high light of both teams’ seasons, bragging rights are on the line and Ropes is on top after last years win against Meadow. I look forward to a hard fought battle between Coach Jackson and his men, as well as Coach Allison and his men. My prediction is Ropes by 10 when these two teams meet each other for the District title.

Play Smart, Play Fast, and Play Physical
Totally agree with everything except the outcome. Think the Broncos will come out with a victory. All depends on injuries, etc. I hope both teams are 100% ready to go, and this game needs a really good officiating crew. Both squads deserve that. Whatever the outcome, I am thankful for the rivalry, the "Battle across the Border" as I like to call it. Doesn't matter where the game is played, a great crowd always attends, standing room only. Home field advantage has got to be a key. Good luck to both, but GO BRONCOS
I am excited about this game too. I look forward to both teams to play with heart. It is frustating when the battle becomes nasty on and off the field so this is my plea with the Ropes fans let's go out and support our boys the right way!!!!!