What does Happy Hill look like?

they handled Lubbock Christ The King pretty easily (my area team/alma mater)...

I recall #44/#1 Joshua Torres being super fast, super quick and very athletic.
#7 or #2, cant recall but name was Ceyvon Field and he was taller and fast and athletic.

They will give most teams problems with their spread and deep sets through the shotgun
I'll back up what the mutt said ... they certainly are not the Happy Hill teams of when Brad Clanton was coaching them, but they are still pretty good. Lots of speed ... 44/1 and the Fields kid are key.

They are beatable, but not by folks like us or Heath Fulton. Pine Drive is going to have their hands full (and I think Granger has them as a few point underdog), but then again, it's the stinkin' SEMI-FINALS. If you are gonna have tough games, you'd expect them to come around this time of year.

I'm pickin' Pine Drive, but it could go either way. And remember folks, spreads here are for entertainment purposes only. We do not recommend gambling on Texas private school six-man football, for obvious reasons.