Westbrook vs May


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Going to be a physical game 🤷🏽‍♂️ who wins?

Westbrook has their hands full but they’ve faced adversity through the season due to injuries along with the toughest schedule in my opinion. I’m partial to Westbrook as they ousted my Red Devils I see a close game whoever’s defense makes the most stops wins
Westbrook had a tough schedule early on and injuries no doubt but once playoffs hit May has faced the higher ranking teams and some injuries as well. The scheduling thing is a dead horse. May had Borden and Sterling in first couple games. Which when scheduling these teams early in the year the idea is to get best competition out there. Turns out Borden was in a rebuild year if ya wanna call it that more like full of young talent that’s gonna be good next year. Sterling City was a good game for us after that you hit district and it is what is. Some years it’s tuff some not. The only real measure comes once playoffs start. That’s why you see several one loss teams watching now. Guess what I’m saying in a nutshell is schedules be damn injuries next man up. Show up kick ass and go home a winner. That’s all. Go May Go.
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