Week 9 picks


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Evant @ Gordon - Gordon by 45
Lingleville @ Gustine - coin came up tails - Lingleville by 1

Shad Kline

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Gordon +45
My computer has Lingleville +22, but I'm not convinced. I would have to say Gustine can win this one, we will see on Friday. I'm gonna go Gustine +12.


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Just got a message saying; "30 to 22 Gordon at half over Evant."

Can someone verify this please?

My response wasnt very flattering for Evant and Im sorry to the messenger. Lol. If its true, Keep it up, Elks


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Thanks for the report.
Ashamed to say I thought it would be over at half.
That's encouraging anyway. They have some seniors they will miss, but there are some good young players.
A whole bunch of freshmen.