Second Round Picks

Round 1 is in the books,
Advancing in the North
Covenant (10-1) and Lucas (9-2)
Abilene (9-2) and Coram Deo (9-2)
Both of these could be really close games. I'll ride with FT. Worth, they are the champion until someone finally knocks them out. Could this be the week? The second game is a toss-up, just have a hunch Deo will prevail in a tight one.
Down South
Live Oak (8-3) and Conroe (10-1)
Castle Hills (9-2) 1st Baptist (11-0)
Think we will get the 4th match in 2 years between Conroe and 1st.
Covenant vs Lucas- don’t think there is anyway covenant loses that one.
Abilene vs Corem Deo- taking Abilene

Live oak vs Conroe- Conroe
Castle hills vs 1st Baptist- Pasadena rolls
I was traveling for the holiday. But went to the game on Friday before leaving town on Saturday. Lucas played a good game and made plays when they had to. So, this is not to take away from Lucas's win, they won the game. But there were a lot of questionable calls that all went in Lucas's favor.
Covenant's #9 Rex Platt hit a 46 yd FG (his second of the game, made one from 26 in the 1st half) to bring Covenant within 8.
on the next series of plays for Lucas, Covenant's #18 Blake Schroeder had Lucas's #12 Rylee Holman locked up on the goal line and appeared to knock the ball free. #7 Logan Clifton picked up for an apparent TD. Or, it also looked as if Holman may have been trying to throw the ball away. It hit the ground only about two yards in front of him. And nowhere near getting over the line of scrimmage. That would have been a safety since Holman was in the endzone. Covenant would get the ball down 6 with momentum. Somehow the referee ruled it incomplete. So Lucas only lost a down, not even any yardage.
Coach Abrams explained after the game that the referee said there was a receiver in the area. Only watching the play, as it happened, the only players in the area besides Holman were Schroeder and Clifton. The closest Lucas player was at least 10 yards away. That was a swing in the outcome.
Then in the 4th Covenant appeared to have scored on a 40 yd. run by Clifton. But someone threw a flag after Clifton had scored calling holding and wiping out the score. Covenant then drove down the field when Hudson Williams hit Schroeder on the one who extended the ball over the pylon but was ruled out at the 1. Then Clifton appeared to score up the middle, but that one was not so clear. Then on 4th down Clifton ran around the end again and extended the ball over the pylon but was ruled out.
This ended the game for all purposes.
Once again, the intention is not to diminish Lucas's victory they will be playing Abilene in the next round. And they deserve to, and have a great chance of repping the North at State.