Victoria Home School Cobras 45, Corpus Christi Arlington Heights Christian 0 (per Cobras Facebook page; Friday game)
The one I posted should be correct. Wichita Falls had a news crew at the game and that's where I got the score. So unless they left early and got bad final info it should be good.

Perrin-Whit 70 Gold-Burg 64
That score is from last year. Coach H had the correct score 44-16 GB wins
As is scores are pretty much over for this week. . . I had no idea Keene Texas had a 6 man football team. Congratulations and best to them. Nice to know for coaches seeking an opponent.
Here are the games we have scheduled that we don't have scores for.

Kopperl at Rochelle JV
Gholson at Bynum

I'd say that's not bad for week 1. Thanks to all of you who helped track down scores this weekend. Your support really does mean a lot to me, and to the continuation of this site.
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This is what I have for private and parochial schools

I openly used Jerry Forrest's schedules at Pigskin Prep - I help him get all private and parochial high school scores - and started from there. Each score at that link is sourced (so if there's something questionable I know where to go and look.)
Waco Trib shows both as canceled games.
Rochelle JV
Thanks! I had the Morgan/Penelope game as a cancel, but couldn't find anything about the Kopper/Rochelle JV game. Thanks again!
From Max Preps:

San Antonio Town East Christian 53, Spring Branch Gloria Deo 44
Burnet Smoking for Jesus 48, Corpus Coastal Christian 0
San Antonio Lutheran 69, San Antonio The Winston School 14