Water Valley vs Westbrook


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6 turnovers didn't help, Water Valley Has a Good Team. Kudos to them! We wanted injury free night. Like we all do and didn't happen. We lost 44 our kicker Acl injury. Good hard physical Game forsure. Hats off to them and Good luck on the rest of the season. Hope for a rematch in the playoffs.


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This game was strange. Water Valley jumps out quickly to a 16 to 0, then Westbrook mounts their comeback and actually goes a head 22 to 16. Later WV scores and ties the score but Westbrook mishandles the ball or throws interceptions from that point giving WV some easy scores in the third quarter. Westbrook mounts a mild fourth quarter comeback but too little too late. WV ran the ball real good late in the game. WV played with more poise. Thought it would be a closer game.

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Pretty accurate accounting of the game, Tex. I think the teams are closer that the score indicated and, as Kadenslee points out, the six turnovers certainly made a difference but you have to able to capitalize on the gifts you receive and the WV did that last night. I don't know about meeting in the playoffs though, it would have to be in the Championship Game (I think) and there is a lot of football between now and then. Good luck to Westbrook the rest of the way.