Waaaaay too early ‘23 state picks

Maury P

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Garden City vs Jonesboro


Whitharral vs Rochelle

Discuss amongst yourselves.


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I’ll go Westbrook Vs Jonesboro in D1
Westbrook coming back absolutely loaded again and Jonesboro losing 2 seniors I believe.

And D2 I’ll go with Jayton Vs Loraine/Rochelle
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May coming back strong as well. We were a young team this year that gained lots of experience.
I've rooted for May each of the last two years. Not sure why, but I did, lol.
Y’all all hope they are gone but all is well in Benjamin. We will be good for next few years
I think Benjamin fans are the only ones convinced the Rigdons will still be there. They will be at a new school; they are every year.

Dilla Killa

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Where does Rochelle come from?

Funny to see people jumping off the Cherokee band wagon already. I think they will be good again next year. RS will do well too. I was at the Rochelle / RS game. I was impressed with Rochelle. I hope they can keep up the momentum. But I don't see them bubbling to the top for a few more years.

As for 11-man ... I'd sure like to see the Dillos do something. Not sure if it's a coaching issue or not, but they seem to start well and have talent. Then they crap the bed.