UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Strawn)

Reed should be gone with out a doubt. But with a crooked admin with ties to the glory days of longhorn football hanging on to a false hope that Gordon could be winners again, his issues and employees who work under him are “swept” under a rug. Once again it’s a matter of a few short days before some issues come to light and reported to the correct places.
We’ll be waiting for your reports sir
It’s relatively easy to follow the RS bread crumbs, it’s almost a guarantee to find discrepancies over there. Thanks for noticing my efforts though.
Not sure never tried looking. It does remind me of Hansel and Gretel though. Somehow the bread crumbs just disappear and they are lost again in the woods.
We know what Bingham thinks of your Coach… what a great interview that was… Do you remember??
I’m not real sure Bigham knows my coach. If you are referring to the RS coach then yes that would be the point of the interview. It must have been tough to take two L’s in one day. I even saw the one from this last year when presented with the same situation and the guy turned into a mute. A kid did speak up though. Which was impressive to see.
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I'm cut from the cloth that if you can't retain a player as a coach, for whatever reason, then it is on YOU. Don't play "God" and ruin a kid's eligibility because of your lack of retention ability. I understand sometimes you get a bad egg and there really isn't any resolution, but that is more of a reason to sign off and move forward. I see/hear of coaches do this all the time, and I just think it is sorry.
If you let the player go and wish him well he just might come back if things go sideways at the new school. As a side note if the UIL committee would have stated what the single over riding statement or evidence for their conclusion was, viewers could have understood the outcome. As it was presented the one determining factor was not mentioned and appears the decision had been made before the start of the video. The UIL process doesn't inspired confidence in their conclusions based on the video. Since the UIL presents itself as judge and jury changes need to made to this process. Lack of Due Process is evident.
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Facts. Also, the District Committee often times has their mind made up. They all talk to each other, and are already well versed on at least one side of it. I rarely, if ever, have seen a DC side against the complaining coach. Think about the absurdity...it would be like a 12 person jury, basically being all neighbors and discussing the case long before the trial. Minds are already made up, because God forbid, they have to show the inmates that they WILL NEVER run the asylum, regardless of right or wrong.
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Athletes move all the time...how was the brooksmith kid able to play varsity for May this season? No one contested it? Just trying to understand how one kid is punished here when it happens all the time.
It was not checked on the PAPF from Brookesmith and they moved into the district. Nothing you can do at that point. It’s up to the school the athlete is leaving to provide the student was moving for athletic purposes. Brookesmith did not...