The hard truth.


11-man fan
I am going to be brutal on all of my reviews,so plz do not be offended by it.

Buena Vista,has some good players,but have had hardly any progress.and have yet to win there district.i predict this year to be another rerrun of previous years.i rank them #4 on my list.

next is dell city has very good speed every is sad to hear that the forfited the ENTIRE YEAR!!!
I rank them #5.

then there is Balmorhea.they have all the power in the district,but no speed.a turtle could out run them.this will be a major x-factor when teams like sanderson play them.I rank them #2.

next is sanderson they are a balanced team with some speed and some power,but the are young.they will have a hell of a time trying to step up.I rank them #3

last but not least is Grandfalls-Royalty.last year they gave every team a run for their money.i went only to one of their games,and that was their 45-point loss to Balmorhea.i remember the cowboys coach tell the team to remember the score,because next we will have our revenge.they finished last year 3-7.this year i have a feeling that they will dominate the field this year.
"...i remember the cowboys coach tell the team to remember the score,because next we will have our revenge."

What an ignorant thing to say.
So much for being 'brutal', you cant take anybody with bad grammar seriously...from my experiences...the coaches and the players are the only ones around the huddle after the game...which one are you 'theformative'?
Just got in from the Grandfalls / Balmorhea game in Balmorhea. Grandfalls has a lot of horses in their stables. Their team speed is pretty scary. Score was 104 to 54. They seem to be unstoppable when they are in their spread formations. This game would have been over at halftime if Grandfalls would have run their spread the entire 1st half. But they ran a couple of series in their tight formation which Balmorhea handled pretty good and stopped. Balmorhea also intercepted a pass for a touchdown which kept them from being 45'd in the first half. #24 for Balmorhea is a BEAST and I mean that as a compliment. 6 foot something and can run like a horse. Unfortunately he is the only horse in the Bear stable. A couple of other Bears had a nice game, but not enough playmakers with SPEED to match the Cowboys.

Should be a good game in Sanderson next Friday when the Bears travel to Terrell Co. to take on the Eagles. The "young, inexperienced Eagles" gave the Cowboys a good game in Sanderson a couple of weeks ago losing by 24 points. The Eagles led 40 to 30 in the 3rd qt. before things fell apart in the second half. I predict a 64 to 30 EAGLE win over the BEARS. It should be close early, but the Eagles will eventually pull away.

They say "SPEED KILLS" and "YOU CAN'T HIT WHAT YOU CAN"T CATCH". If these two phrases have any truth to them, then the Grandfalls Cowboys are gonna make a deep run in the playoffs this year and are gonna be a pain in the butt for the rest of DISTRICT 6 for a couple of years. If the Cowboys lose a game in district this year, it will be to the EAGLES. Only because the EAGLES refuse to quit and one can never count them out. That will also be a great game in Grandfalls in a few weeks and that game should determine the district CHAMPIONSHIP.
Interesting perspective about the spread. It did work well, I agree but I would have to argue about our tight set holding us back as Junior Marquez carried the ball 16 times out of our tight formation and had 261 yards rushing an avg of 16.3 per carry and 4 rushing TDs. Balmorhea played hard and never gave up, they are a good team and it will be intersting to see who wins between Balmorhea and Sanderson.

This double round robin is rather bazzaar.

Any way good luck to the bears.

Interesting point of view from sierra42.
Good point Coach. I do remember your RB getting a lot of yards in the 2nd half, but i was referring to the 1st half when Grandfalls clearly had the Bears on the ropes and I was searching for my keys because I thought the Cowboys were gonna put the final nail in the coffin and head home at halftime. My mistake for not clarifying which part of the game I was referring to. Anyway you got a very good team there in Grandfalls and the sky is the limit. Good Luck.
Grandfalls without a doubt has the speed this year but don't crown them DC just yet. The Bears and the Eagles will not go piecefully. Sanderson has alot of youth but their seasoned players are back and healthy and Coach D will have them ready. With the home and away schedule everyone gets 2 chances to knock each other off. I will pick my Sanderson Eagles to be in the playoffs again this year.
I just learned that Sanderson
is one of the locations they filmed
"No Country For Old Men".
Man, that thing was intense.

Is it really true?